We Create Artisan Natural Soap using products made and grown on the farm, Honey and wax from our bees, lemongrass and herbs from our garden and  fresh milk from our happy Goats.

Pure and truly natural ingredients

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Unique formulations and small batches

We don't intend on huge mega production. This is a one woman operation that believes in the finest quality and enjoyment of the best things in life.  Some of the soaps offered will be limited and seasonal when available. For example , Goat milk only when the goats are in milk. 

Natural Scents and smooth clay

Gently scented with essential oils or natural fragrance oils, Bentonite clay, french clays and indian clays are used to make a smooth soap, and charcoal make up most or our natural colors. We have many soaps containing Hemp oil as well.

Olive oil soaps

For those that love simple things we create ancient style soaps in castilian , roman and greek styles, bay berry oils and french rosemary, tea tree .These must be cured for longer periods.

VanGoatFarm is a Real Farm

VanGoatFarm uses its own honey and wax  in our soaps. We are a real little farm with gardens hives goats sheep and zebus.

Whats the Buzz about our VanGoatFarm Soaps?

I was using liquid soap but since I started using VanGoatFarm Soap I won't go back! I know what exactly what is in the soaps and what is going on my body. I have incredibly dry skin (hereditary form of Ishthyosis).VanGoatFarm soap is so smooth and it lathers nicely, this soap does not irritate my skin at all. My appreciation and thank to you!

CF from BC Canada 12/2/2020

A Shower with these soaps is like a Spa visit. The great fragrances are soothing, and the all natural ingredients are skin protective and pampering, VanGoatFarm soaps are the best kind of self-care, Great customer service too!

Sylvia O, Illinois,USA 12/2/2020 repeat customer

" Rita has been so busy working on this Soapmaking, We love supporting her endeavors"

Baby the Zebu Cow at VanGoatFarm

"we are happily collecting and making honey and wax to help our VanGoatFarm survive"

Queen Bee of Long Langstroth Hive

" We are happy and excited to soon be helping by providing our fresh Goatmilk for our Farm Soaps!'

Athena and Valentina, Heads of the Nigerian Dwarf Goats at VanGoat Farm

lemongrass for oil infusion

honey and wax from our beehives


The statements presented on this site

      have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products and ingredients and descriptions are not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any disease. For external use only, Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If irritation redness or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and or consult a licensed healthcare practitioner. List of ingredients that may or may not be present in our soaps, Lye, distilled water ,  Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, african shea butter, avocado oil,rice bran oil, hemp oil, laurel berry oil, palm kernel oil, grass fed tallow, bee wax, honey, therapeutic grade essential oils, natural scented oils. spices , clay, salt, coffee, teas herbs Fresh Goatmilk .Sources are organic and sustainably sourced whenever possible. No china sources , dyes ,micas preservatives or prefab melt and pours, synthetic or artificial  scents, or ingredients are used  in these soaps.

My inspiration

My Mother Aldona was a natural beauty, loved to sing draw and create with her hands. She taught me that all things are possible if they are done with love of nature, art and life.

Your support Sustains the farm

Regulations can be limiting as to what can be sold by the farm. I have honey from the bees but that has to be an in person transaction and cannot be mail ordered. I have animals for sale , especially lambing and kidding time. Zebu calving time too.  Follow the farm on facebook , call or contact if interested in some of our fine livestock.

Thank you for helping me have my dream

Without your willingness and desire to use handcrafted and handmade artisan soap that is lovingly created, there may not be a VanGoat Farm! I can't say enough about how wonderful people are that help to support small farmers that struggle in this world. You are not only helping to save bees, you are also saving me from having to go back to hospital to work as a nurse. I love you for it!